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Welcome to Danville United Methodist Church! We’re so glad you are here.


Sign Up now for Vacation Bible School, which will be held June 11th-15th. Registration forms are in the Narthex.

6:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Dinner Included

at Mary Queen of Peace

Ages 4-13 Welcome


Pastor Jeanne Winter’s Farewell Party

Please join us on June 11th from 2-4 pm for a reception for Pastor Jeanne Winter and her husband, Sandy. We want to show our gratitude and appreciation for their work as they prepare to move to Kokomo Zion United Methodist Church.


For the Volunteer Worship Schedule for May, click here: http://danvilleumc.org/worship-volunteer-schedule/

May-June Newsletter





 From our new Pastor, P.T. Wilson:

I’m looking forward to serving as your new pastor beginning in July, 2017. I’m P.T. Wilson and I’ve been asked to “introduce” myself with this article.

I grew up in Evansville, Indiana, and became a member of Wesley Methodist Church before we all became “United.” I graduated from Bosse High School, then University of Evansville, and I did my seminary work in Denver, Colorado, graduating from the Iliff School of Theology (one of our thirteen United Methodist seminaries). I’ve been serving in full time parish ministry in Indiana since returning in 1981.

I’ve served all over southern Indiana, from Sunman to Seelyville to Washington. While at Ellettsville I set their record for the longest serving pastor (just broken by the pastor who followed me!) and I did the same at Greencastle. I’m coming to Danville from Greensburg where I’ve served since 2014.

I’m a great fan of music of all kinds. If the band YES are performing in our area you’ll find me there! I like traveling, reading, singing with others, movies and plays, writing, and going to conferences where I can learn new things. I have a passion for youth and their development, for pastoral counseling, for spiritual healing, for science and medical healing, and for Native American culture and spirituality. Every year on the fourth weekend in June you’ll find me at the Eiteljorg Museum in Indianapolis attending the Indian Market and Festival (if you’ve never gone then you ought to go!).

I love worship. I learned a long time ago that if I’m bored with my sermon then the congregation is bored, so I preach in a way that challenges me and tries to offer something for our daily journey in faith. I never “lead” communion the same way two times in a row; we have such a rich and varied history from our traditions that I include as much as possible. I’ve been fortunate at the last few congregations to have musicians that taught me and expanded my horizon about what good church music can be; I look forward to learning and experiencing even more at Danville United Methodist Church.

I hope this gives you a general outline of who I am and how I approach ministry. I believe my first worship service with you will be July 9th. Let’s make that day a celebration of how God is doing something new in our midst. Let’s continue to pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit as we our shaped and prepared for the ministries we’re called to do both now and in the future.

Blessings!                                                                                                                                                     P.T. Wilson




Welcome Reception for

Pastor P.T. Wilson

July 9

10:00 am Combined Worship Service

Pitch In Luncheon After Worship


From Pastor Jeanne and Sandy Winter:

Pastoral Letter

Sandy and I have had the privilege of serving Danville United Methodist Church for the last 4 years. Change is never easy. We have been blessed in many ways here and worked through many challenges. We will be moving to Kokomo Zion on July 5 and begin a new chapter in our ministry there. We thank you for the many kind words of appreciation for our ministry. I believe we have endeavored to do what God called us to do here. While it is hard to say good-bye, and start again I hold on to the Scripture in

1 Corinthians 3: 6: Paul said, I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow.

There are some seeds that we planted but many other ministries were things that had begun years ago and we just worked on watering. Many volunteers and pastors before us began the plans and dreams for God’s work here at Danville. For all, we prayed for God to help it grow.

The new sanctuary and lower level is the most visible event in our time here. It is fabulous to be sure and is being used for God’s work already. There are countless folks that were involved in that endeavor. That would not be the accomplishment that I would say, for me, is the biggest. Perhaps seeing a woman leave behind any bitterness and make peace with her family before she died would be one of the ultimate on the list. What a privilege to pray for this miraculous release and get to see it happen. Or knowing that God works miracles in babies lives as well as we see Wyatt who will turn one year old and moving, understanding, and growing. Again, the privilege of praying and seeing God at work. Since we moved, God asked me to pray for an hour every Saturday night for this church. I lifted up every name to God for 200 weeks—I prayed even when we were on vacation. God is persistent that way. I am blessed to see young people called into ministry—some may be as a lay person while another is feeling called as clergy. Some of our youth and young adults are absolutely amazing in their theological grounding and passion for Jesus. Again, I certainly did not plant those seeds and there were many folks involved in teaching, but I do pray that for some I helped water and I was blessed to see God at work.

We have prayed and watched God defeat cancer over and over. A community of faith loving and lifting up men and women with the jaw dropping diagnosis but they are still serving the Lord today. I love to get phone calls that say, “hey, the doctor says I am still cancer free”.   I also have been blessed to have been used by God for times of crises where the loved one did not live. I prayed that the funeral and care for these families shared God’s peace and strength. One couple came one Sunday and he died the next day, and the widow is still here to be blessed but she is also a blessing. We were also blessed to know Kelli Snodgrass and her passion for wanting to teach special needs students. She was a ball of fire and determination. We have been blessed to many involved in so many people’s lives both loving and being loved which makes it hard to move. It has been excited to see new families get involved.

Through high and low points of ministry, God has given me poems to be shared. I also love using my creativity in worship, teaching, sign choir, special needs class for VBS, church camp, and preschool chapel. I have tried to “Share Blessings” in places like our food pantry or Cub Scout troops. I have been blessed to engage the community churches to come together, pray, and begin working together again. This too was just a watering of seeds that had been planted before. We also celebrate the first Baccalaureate service at Danville High in years, the National Day of Prayer service at the courthouse, and participation in Mayberry in the Midwest. Churches are not in competition but cooperation.

But God is sending another pastor to continue watering, growing and loving this community of faith. I pray that you will respect and listen to their words and vision. Please pray for your new pastor and their family. As I write this, I do not know who is coming but by print you will probably have a name.

They too will be called and gifted in different areas. I was called on Good Friday 1998 to preach God’s Word. I will endeavor to do so faithfully as long as I can.

We thank God for our time here and are beginning to plan and vision for Kokomo Zion. To God be the Glory.

Blessings and joy in Christ, Pastor Jeanne and Sandy

Words of Wisdom   from Strong was her Faith by Ellsworth Kalas

“I could name her ‘the woman who wouldn’t give up.”. ..I admire her for bouncing back and not giving up on life or on herself. [She meets Jesus at the well] and there became an evangelist. Something about this woman was wonderfully persuasive. “Come and see…this Messiah, the one who makes all things right.”



Senior Prime Timers Lunch, Wednesday, June 14, 2017, Meet at DUMC Parking Lot at 11:30 am

Will Carpool to Emmy’s Pancake House

Senior Prime Timers Lunch

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Meet at DUMC parking lot, 11:30 a.m. to carpool

The Senior Prime Timers will celebrate summer at Emmy’s Pancake House in Avon on Wednesday, June 14. We will meet in the church parking lot at 11:30 a.m. to carpool, or you can meet the group at the pancake house at noon. Invite your friends and neighbors to join the fun and fellowship. Contact Vicki Loughmiller, 317-745-2059, or 317-445-8960 (cell phone) by Monday, June 12, to RSVP.


Father’s Day, June 18. Invite your father to Church. We will honor them in worship.

SAVE THE DATE, Saturday, July 22nd, 1-3 pm, Back to School Event DUMC Fellowship Hall, Set up – Friday Night – 6:00 pm.


YOUTH SUNDAY SCHOOL – For Sunday School during the summer, please plan to send your children in play clothes rather than their “Sunday best”. They will be having activities and events that are not in the classroom.

Summer Schedule for Sunday School
Date Special Event Responsible Party Planned Activity
4-Jun Carolyn Burdsall Pick up trash + prayer walk
11-Jun Tonya Weiss
18-Jun Father’s Day Barbara Wever Crafts
25-Jun Mike Burdsall Blanton Woods trip
2-Jul Kyle Yoder Team challenges
9-Jul Kyle Yoder Team challenges
16-Jul Amy Elliott Music from VBS
23-Jul Jenny Pearcy Crafts
30-Jul Jeanette Conrod Obstacle course
6-Aug Promotion Sunday
Danville first day of school is August 9


Radical Hospitality

The Radical Hospitality Committee offers many wonderful ways to serve our Church community and to in turn, feel very personally blessed!!! A few of our Ministries revolve around Prayer:

Prayer Group – meets Monday mornings to pray for individuals, families, our community and our world.

Prayer Chain – requests are emailed to members of the team. Prayers may be for members of our church and community.

Traveling Prayer Cross – a wooden cross is given to an individual or family when they are experiencing difficulties. These are on table in church office hallway.

Prayer Shawl Ministry – with prayer, volunteers crochet, knit or sew items which are given to church members in time of need, or to celebrate a marriage or birth of a child.

If you would like to participate in any of these Ministries – or have questions – please contact a member of the Radical Hospitality Committee or the church office at 317-745-4330.


Pack the Pantry



Peanut Butter, Jelly, Cereal, Oatmeal


Celebrate a memory and leave a lasting tribute in the Meditation Garden…

Be a part of our beautiful Meditation by purchasing an Engraved Paver. You choose the wording to be engraved on your brick. There are many ways to personalize.   A few ideas include:




Family Names




Military Service

In Honor of a Special Mentor…

The choice is yours. The cost is $100 for a 4” x 8” paving stone and $190 for an 8” x 8” paver. Net proceeds will be used towards the new church building and needed new furnishings. The entire cost of the paver is tax-deductible.

Pick up your order form at the door of the garden or get on line at www.danvilleumc.org.

 Shared Blessings

The Food Pantry could use another volunteer with a truck or SUV for the Monday Walmart pickups. We need someone to go to the Avon Walmart on alternating Mondays at 10:00 am to pick up meat, bakery items, dented cans, etc. Sometimes it only requires one vehicle, but we never know until we get there. If you have some spare time on Mondays (and a vehicle) and would like to know more about this volunteer opportunity, please contact Diane at dmdumontelle@verkler.com. Thank you.


An order will be placed by the end of May for engraved Pavers for the Meditation Garden. They are on sale. For more information, click here:





For information regarding Preschool Registration Dates, please click the preschool tab, or click this link: http://danvilleumc.org/preschool/.